about the artist

Jacob Cartwright

b. 1977 

BFA in Painting - Kansas City Art Institute

Member - American Abstract Artists

Based in New York City


Overall the paintings seek a kind of architectural method. Forms are abutted and nested with a calibrated tension, blocks of pure color interlocking with sections of repeating pattern. Idiosyncrasies in the design are embraced, taking as a guide the way that pattern languages are adapted to fit a particular site, like the way a house can be set into a hillside. A particular kind of painterly space is sought, one where stereometric form is alluded to but never entirely resolved. 

The goal is to create a painting that reads both as a visual mirage and physical embodiment. Ultimately a diagrammatic efficiency is sought, like the clarity of a rung bell.

The works in Love without Lovers are non-objective or, as the title suggests, disembodied.

The series takes its title from an un-filmed screenplay found posthumously among Ingmar Bergman’s belongings. The screenplay itself describes an incomplete film whose director has vanished leaving a film editor to try to piece together the narrative. These paintings can be viewed like scenes in a black and white movie.

Many Worlds' namesake interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests parallel dimensions splintering from our own where all quantum possibilities are realized. Unrealized or lost art is a recurrent theme.

That spirit runs through all the paintings: the feeling of something familiar yet unknowable, forms searching with verve, striving for a fantastic sense of place that we can only experience through vision.


Solo and Two Person Exhibitions
Harmonic Canon, Scholes Street Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Project 11, c2c Project Space, San Francisco, CA

Love without Lovers, GRIDSPACE, Brooklyn, NY
Many Worlds, Associated Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Hungry Eye, Basil Hallward Gallery, Portland, OR
Bestiary, Frances May, Portland, OR
New Paintings, The Cube at Beco, Kansas City, MO
Selected Group Exhibitions


The Idiosyncratic Pencil, Elizabeth Stone Harper Gallery, Clinton, SC

Beyond Black and White, Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY


Demand Curve, Proto Gallery, Hoboken, NJ

The Self on the Shelf, curated by Rob de Oude, SPRING/BREAK Art Show, New York, NY


In the Red, Royal Society of American Art, Brooklyn, NY

In the Cloud, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, NY

Select NYC, Transmitter Gallery at the Select Art Fair, New York, NY

LIC Arts Open, Fine Art in Space, Queens, NY
Kaleidoscopic, Royal Society of American Art, Brooklyn, NY
New Work City, Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY
The Painting Center at 20, The Painting Center, New York, NY
Second Family, 2 Rivington, New York, NY
Small Things Considered, Laurence Miller Gallery, New York, NY
Salon, The Active Space, Brooklyn, NY
Half-Life, 241 Suydam, Brooklyn, NY


Curatorial Projects


Monuments in Reverse, 245 Varet, Brooklyn, NY